Prologue - some information about the Quadrax Neverending and Quadrax Definitive

This website is dedicated not only to the long-time fans of Quadrax, but also to complete newbies. For hardcore Quadrax players, there's Neverending, for the newbies there's the Definitive edition. We'll talk about both games in the next paragraphs.

Quadrax Definitive is a remastered edition of all of my original Quadrax games (titles III - VIII). If you are starting with Quadrax, or if you just want to go through and solve all the mysteries and conundrums of the ancient temples, lost civilizations (and much, much more), go to the page Download Quadrax Definitive, where you will find the link to download the instalation file of the game. If you want to take a gander at what the game looks like, you can visit the gallery, and you can red about the game on the page About game.

Quadrax Neverending is in contrast dedicated to the hardcore, long-term fans of the entire series. It is assumed that all who play it are familiar not only with Quadrax X (and have finished it), but also know and have finished all the previous titles. If not, it is high time you meet the Quadrax series - see the paragraph above. But definitely not with this title! Quadrax Neverending starts where the X ended - including difficulty, so a newbie would be dumbfounded by the sheer complexity of the levels right from the get-go and would uninstall the game in disappointment. There's Quadrax Definitive for the newbies where you will learn all you need to survive in the world of Quadrax. ;-)

Even though, some old veterans may think that they know Quadrax well enough, and need not learn anything new about it, I would recommend even them (before plunging into Quadrax Neverending) to read at least the first chapter of the section About game, where they will learn all the necessary components making Quadrax Neverending different to its predecessors.

You can download Quadrax Definitive from the page Download Quadrax Definitive.

You can download Quadrax Neverending from the page Download Quadrax Neverending.

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