Prologue - some information about the Quadrax Neverending

These pages, just like the whole Quadrax Neverending, are predominantly aimed at die-hard fans of the whole series. I automatically assume that all those who will read this, do know Quadrax X and finished it. If not, it’s high time they got acquainted with the series of Quadrax - but definitely not with this part! Quadrax Neverending actually starts where QX ends - the level of difficulty included. In other words, beginners would be taken aback by the intricacy of the opening levels and they will be disgusted and would obviously uninstall the game. At the same time, the story itself would not make any sense at all if we did not know that of QX. Let this be a little classic warning at the beginning.

What else to say about this game? Quadrax Neverending runs on the modified engine of Quadrax X which was arranged in such a way that it could manage dynamic loading of the levels and all its elements. It goes without saying that it keeps all the benefits of QX, such as Full HD with 60 FPS etc., while adding innovations like continuous transit of music pieces on basic screens of the game, improved sync of the monitor refresh, or more accurate displaying of the elapsed time. There are lots of new things being prepared and they will be gradually published in the sections of News and Developer’s Diary. Although experienced “champions” may have a feeling that they do know Quadrax well enough and do not need to know anything new about it, I still recommend them reading the first chapter of the section About the game, where they can familiarize with basic info about the differences between Quadrax Neverending and its predecessor.

Attentive readers surely did not miss the fact that this website has a completely new look. I decided to say good-bye to black or other dark colors and tried my best to present modern-looking websites. Since there is a lot of new text, I would appreciate all the comments regarding both - the functionality of the web and possible typos or mistakes in grammar.

The game can be downloaded from the Download page.

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