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Here you can download the Quadrax Neverending installation file (version 1.006):
    (Instalation package file size is 243 831 523 B.)


Installation package file is located on another server. If you will see any installation startup error message ("The file is corrupted" etc.), the download probably wasn't completed correctly - check the file size of the installation package file, it must be exactly 243 831 523  Bytes. If the file size isn't correct, try download installation package again.

Additional episodes for download

In this section you can find additional episodes, which you can (as soon as they will be finished) download and install into Quadrax Neverending. The installation file you can download directly by clicking on the name of the finished episode.

  Episode 2 - In the inside of the pyramids  ( downloads)
  Episode 3 - In the captivity of the icy kindom  ( downloads)
  Episode 4 - The undersea world  ( downloads)
  Episode 5 - The secrets of the Titanic  ( downloads)
  Episode 6 - Mysteries in the desert  ( downloads)
  Episode 7 - Back to the past  ( downloads)
  Episode 8 - Area 51  ( downloads)
  Episode 9 - On the Moon  (in development) 
  Episode 10 - Nightmare  (in development) 

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