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Here you can download the Quadrax Neverending installation file (version 1.006):
    (Instalation package file size is 243 806 764 B.)


The installation file is located on the server where you can download not only Quadrax Neverending, but also all other Quadraxes.

Installation note: Windows has been throwing more and more sticks for "unknown publisher" installations. If you run the game installation file or some episode installation file and then a window pop up with the text: "Windows protected your PC. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.", click on "More info" text in window and then click on the "Run anyway" button will appear at the bottom.
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Additional episodes for download

In this section you can find additional episodes, which you can (as soon as they will be finished) download and install into Quadrax Neverending. The installation file you can download directly by clicking on the name of the finished episode.

  Episode 2 - In the inside of the pyramids
  Episode 3 - In the captivity of the icy kindom
  Episode 4 - The undersea world
  Episode 5 - The secrets of the Titanic
  Episode 6 - Mysteries in the desert
  Episode 7 - Back to the past
  Episode 8 - Area 51
  Episode 9 - On the Moon
  Episode 10 - Nightmare

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