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Here you can download the Quadrax Definitive installation file (version 002):
    (Instalation package file size is 1 214 906 820 B.)


The installation file is located on the server where you can download not only Quadrax Definitive, but also all other Quadraxes.

Installation note: Windows has been throwing more and more sticks for "unknown publisher" installations. If you run the game installation file or some episode installation file and then a window pop up with the text: "Windows protected your PC. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.", click on "More info" text in window and then click on the "Run anyway" button will appear at the bottom.
Detail information:

Note 2 - After the installation is started, Windows Defender checks the entire installation package for virus protection. Since the Quadrax Definitive installation is over 1.2 GB in size, this can take several seconds (or tens of seconds). Therefore, if you click the "Run anyway" button after the above step, seemingly nothing will happen for several seconds (or tens of seconds) - but wait calmly, the installer will start after Windows Defender has completely checked it.

Other remastered Quadraxes for download

In the following section you will find remasters of other Quadraxes that you can download and install into Quadrax Definitive (once they are ready). To download the installation file, click directly on the name of the completed Quadrax. If the Quadrax remaster is still in development, a table will be displayed showing the development status of each Quadrax.

Quadrax Definitive QVI installation development status:

Quadrax Definitive QVII installation development status:

Quadrax Definitive QVIII installation development status:

Quadrax Definitive overall development status:

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