On this page you can find a complete summary of links to all other Quadrax websites, downloads links of all installation files for all Quadraxes and other interesting links, eg. game reviews etc.

Link to my other Quadrax sites:

Quadrax III (The secrets of Congo /CZ only)

(1999 - 2005) Here my whole saga started. If you do not mind the historical look, you can start solving the problems of the Millennium Revolution.
Quadrax IV (The secrets of pyramid)
Quadrax V (Mayan riddles)
Quadrax VI (Treasures of Atlantis)
Quadrax VII (Quest of Laputa)
Quadrax VIII (Per aspera ad astra)
Quadrax X (A tribute to Quadrax 1)

Downloads of full installation files of all my Quadraxes:

Reviews in czech game webzines:

Quadrax III
Review on Bonusweb (version 2000)
Review on Freehry (version 2005 Revision)
Review on Freegames (version 2005 Revision)
Quadrax IV
Quadrax V
Quadrax VI
Quadrax VII
Quadrax VIII
Quadrax X

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