March 23, 2019

Today Episode 8 is being published.
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February 22, 2019


For anyone who downloaded and installed Episode 7 before February 22 at about 23:00 (11:00 pm) and have version 009 or 010, you need to upgrade to version 011. The version of the game you can easily find when ont the main game screen move mouse cursor to the left top. If you downloaded and installed E7 before eleven in the evening, you will have 7.009. If you downloaded and installed an episode after 11:00 pm, you will have 7.010. If you downloaded and installed an episode after February 23 at about 11:30 am you probably will already have 7.011 and you do not need a patch.

To download the update from version 009 or 010 to version 011, download and install this patch:

This patch corrects levels 65, 67 and 68. Attention! - After installing this patch, the results and saveslot are deleted for the above mentioned levels and this levels must be replayed! (If you have version 010, this be valid only for level 65) Also, it is no longer possible to send data from version 009 or 010 (if you have an old version of episode 7 installed).

I apologize to all players for the problems - the original installation of the E7 has received data from the preproduction version ... :-(

February 22, 2019

Episode 7 is now being published.
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Why is this picture here - everyone who plays episode 7 know, hopefully... ;-)

February 10, 2019

New screenshot from episode 9 in the gallery.

December 3, 2018

Episode 6 is now being published.
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December 3, 2018

Start countdown for episode 6!

September 13, 2018

New screenshot from episode 8 in the gallery.

September 09, 2018

News in developer's diary!

September 07, 2018

Today, at 06:00 PM, Episode 4 is being published.
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December 22, 2017

As I promised, Episode 4 is now being published.
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November 28, 2017

I hope I won't ruin anyone's Christmas comfort by the fact that I'll release the episode 4 just before Christmas (December 22, 12 pm). But think of it as my Christmas gift to all the fans of Quadrax. ;-)

November 11, 2017

News in developer's diary!

October 19, 2017

Finally, after umpteen obstructions were overcome, episode 3 is now finally out. Anyway, meanwhile the outworkers were working on the story for episode 3 and its English translation, those paying attention have surely noticed that I was not slacking off and in the meantime I tested out with Nightmare more or less the entire episode 4. Regarding that the story, compared to that of episode 3, all players should get this episode a lot sooner than the last one. But I don't want to say too much too early, work on translation and finalization of the entire graphics for the new episode are still work in progress. Either way, I really don't think you are too far away from exploring the unknown waters of episode 4... ;-)

October 13, 2017

So, after long tribulations and endless development, Episode 3 is finally coming out!
Flee to the download, page, download, install and play!

August 22, 2017

The text of the story is now in its final form, revised, corrected and I sent it today to be translated into English. Once it's done, episode 3 may be released!

August 20, 2017

As the loyal fans might have noticed, percentage at the icy kingdom is going up slowly, but surely. The only problem left is the story, more specifically its size. Regarding the fact that according to the assumed storyline, (you'll understand everything once you read the story and play the episodes ;-)) it also covers next 3 episodes its third revision (hopefully the final one) covers as much as 34 czech "norm pages" (one czech “norm page” is 1800 characters /inc. spaces/ on page) of text! So those who like to read and who are interested in the Quadrax Neverending storyline will enjoy it and be sure to understand. The rest of you just have to wait until the story is translated into English. ;-)

August 12, 2017

Hooray! After all the obstructions, episode 3 is now completely tested! Now all we're waiting for is the diary completion and its and it successive translation. As soon as these two things are sorted out episode 3 will be ready to launch.

Certainly, neither me nor Nightmare don't slack off, and yesterday we initiated the testing of the undersea world. My work on it is all done, but now comes the time of the never-ending craziness of tests and retests so that the episode would get you, players, in as immaculate a form as possible so that you will be able to enjoy all the points and mysteries of all the levels the way I planned ;-)

June 1, 2017

So, we have another month here and as regular visitors of this website have definitely noticed, I have published the steps of development of other episodes. In the gallery I exchanged the screenshot of episode 4 for the up-to-date one, and added screenshots of some other episodes. ;-)

Maybe, it would be good to finally explain how it goes with that development percentage, and why it sometimes rises so slowly. I have divided percentage counting into following sections:

  • 15 % of the development goes into creating complete graphics for a respective episode (thus, not only graphical elements and animations for levels, but also the graphics of the episode, title picture, pictures in the diary, stats pictures after the level has been finished etc).
  • 5% is searching or creating music and mixing the music background
  • 3% is then taken by creating a one complete level (i.e. including graphics). Since there are ten of them, that makes it 30% in total.
So, once the development stage reaches 50%, my work is all done. But there is one more half that is more difficult to do left. Here, I'm completely dependent upon external help.
  • 4% is defined for testing each level. Since there are 10 of them, that makes it 40% in total. (Notice that testing a level is more difficult than creating it!)
  • 6% is taken by writing a story for a respective episode.
  • 4% is taken by translate a story and help scrolls from czech to english

So, in episode 4 which is 44% done as of today meaning that I've done all the graphics, music and 8 levels, and only 2 more are left, and from my side that'll be all. I will plausibly finish it before episode 3 is done... That way, I will be able to work on other and other episodes.

May 21, 2017

New screenshot from episode 4 in the gallery.

April 29, 2017

Do not miss meaty new in the Developer's diary!

March 1, 2017

So, the episode 2 is out and it's time to get going with episode 3. The design of icy caves is really strenuous for me and the ice itself is a terrible slog. Compared to this, arranging stones in episode 2 was a cinch. Nevertheless, I've already sent first five levels to Nightmare for testing - some alterations need to be done there with regard to the graphics, but they're already in a more or less final look. So, now it's time for me to get started with the second half of episode 3.

In the gallery you can already see the final looks of the first level of episode 3 - compared to the original design that you could see in the developer's diary, I have changed the background and done some other changes.

Matadors and old-timers will surely be pleased by one thing - the beginning of the music used in episode 3 is a remastered soundtrack of the icy levels in Quadrax 1! How it was going and the fact it wasn't easy can be found in Developer's diary.

February 27, 2017

And here it is! Episode 2 coming now! Flee to the download, page, download, install and play!

January 28, 2017

It’s been exactly three months since the release of Quadrax Neverending. Most players have already conquered episode 1 and are restlessly waiting for episode 2. Unfortunately, at the end of last year (and the beginning of this one) my life was filled with hard work but sadly, not on Quadrax. Although, it might seem odd, even I do have to go to work where I get (unlike in Quadrax) a wage. And recently, it has been so hard that I couldn’t spend time on Quadrax. Nightmare had it similarly, and so, the testing of episode 2 stopped for a while. Nevertheless, there should be more time in February, and thus, we will test the remaining two levels and at the end of February it will be possible to release episode 2.

For those restlessly waiting and mainly for those who have got to like the game Xonix I have some good news. You can shorten your waiting with the new version Xonix 2.0! After criticisms of some players regarding the ease of the version 1, I have done some changes that, mainly in the advanced levels, significantly increase its difficulty! I have also done a handful of other changes and improvements – their thorough description can be found on the webpage of the game. Don’t forget to send the results from the version 2.0! This time I am really curious to see how far the top players of the version 1 will make it in the version 2.0. ;-) Those who already know the original 9 songs in the game will be surely delighted by the fact that the amount of songs has been increased to 20! The sum of the lengths of all songs now surpasses an hour and a half (which is a unique length for such a "simple" game), so, hopefully you won’t get tired of them as fast. New added songs are, similarly to the original ones, also thematically styled to fit in with the game – they’re rhythmical and they’re often chiptunes creating a retro feeling of the 80’s. So, don’t hesitate, download and play!

October 28, 2016

Quadrax Neverending is released!

And till you will torment in his levels, do not frown, but a smile!

October 24, 2016

Since only 4 days are remaining until the game release, I would like to remind the players of one of the new features that QN has. You can set your user account as a default one - therefore it will always load by default when the game is launched which means you no longer have to sign in after you launch the game.

The procedure is simple. After creating your account (which goes on the same as in QX), click AGAIN on the item Password in the main menu. Here, below the sentence "Currently logged on username is (the account name you have just created)", check by clicking with the mouse on the choice "Load as default at the start of the game". See the image below where it's highlighted where you should click:

A confirmation will show up "This user account has been set as default", and the game will return back to the main menu. And that's it. Now the game will load this account during its every launch, and you don't have to care about anything else anymore!

October 8, 2016

News in developer's diary!

October 3, 2016

Even though, QN is going through mere finalizing and debugging procedures, there's still a lot work to do, and I and Nightmare are not slacking off at all. That's because the next part of the game - Episode 2 - In the inside of the pyramids - has just entered the phase of testing! If everything goes well, I'm planning to release Episode 2 at the end of the year or in January 2017.

The episode itself will more or less be to the origins of Quadrax. Whereas, the first episode takes place outside and is full of the latest effects (shifting of the day and night), Episode 2 will be more similar to Quadrax older releases. The fact it takes place inside Aztec pyramids gives the levels their classic "Quadrax-esque" feeling. Compared to Episode 1, it could look as its poorer relative, although the difficulty is approximately the same and it will definitely be a good brain teaser for the old matadors. The screenshot of the first level of Episode 2 is now available in the gallery.

And since I would already like to start gathering some resources for Episode 3, and it isn't currently set where or in what environment it should take place, I have decided to set a poll where the players could say where they would like Episode 3 to take place! The poll is in a form of a discussion in the forum.

September 13, 2016

As you can notice on the homepage, the game is slowly but surely getting finished. It could be said that all the levels of the episode 1 have been tested, and I'm only performing the very last design changes and enhancements. However, there's still lots of work ahead of me - the game needs to be tested as a whole thing, I need to test the new system of update performing and installing of the new episodes, etc. Even so, I have decided to set up the definite date for its final release. And this (I hope) desired date is October 28, 2016, 10:00 AM UTC. Coincidentally, it's exactly on the day of the foundation of the Czechoslovak state. ;-) So, along with this celebration you will get a little present which will be Quadrax Neverending with the initial episode 1. Meanwhile, on the page Download you can see how much time is currently left until the game's final release.

Also, don't forget to check out Developer's diary where there is one interesting and important novelty!

August 31, 2016

It's the end of the holiday, and while you were on holidays, ;-) lots of hard work was done to Quadrax, what, after all, can be seen on the homepage in the table of percentage progress. I have to remark that testing was immensely difficult, since the levels are truly tough. Even though, it's just one episode, i.e. mere 10 levels, their testing has been lasting for two and a half months! And still, only eight of them have been definitely tested. I think this says it all about their difficulty...

This also means that QN will be released with the first episode only. Certainly, I'm already diligently working on the episode 2, and its testing will begin as soon as the testing of the episode 1 finishes. Nonetheless, regarding their difficulty, I really cannot estimate how long the testing of the episode 2 will take - that's why QN will be released only with the first one, and the second one (and also others, I might contingently release) will be available in the form of an update. So, keep your fingers crossed for Nightmare, so he wouldn't go nuts from all that testing! And bear in mind - he does this for you, players, and for free! He would definitely be delighted if someone appreciated his work at least with an encouraging post on the forum.

July 26, 2016

Important news in developer's diary!

July 13, 2016

Without any solemn introductions or hype and completely without announcing - here you have my very new game! It's something entirely different to Quadraxes so if anyone wants to find out more about, click HERE!

June 24, 2016

News in developer's diary.

June 14, 2016

Finally, the testing of QN has been initiated, and the reliable matador Nightmare has taken care of it. He immediately showed his indisputable qualities in the first two levels of the episode 1 where he managed to find some unplanned solutions and also corrected other bugs in the game engineù Incidentally, despite having solved the first two levels the unplanned way, he said about them, literally:

"...Hmm, regarding they are the first levels, they are brutally hard..." ;-)

So, the well-known cycle of testing, level fixing and retesting is about to start. Letås just hope that in the end the episode 1 will be honed along with the whole engine. Cross your fingers for Nightmare!

May 20, 2016

News in developer's diary.

May 15, 2016

Much time has passed and the game is beginning to look wholesome. The game engine is nearly complete and despite I had created a solid basis for the game in Quadrax X, its modification made to allow dynamic texture and animation loading wasn't so trivial. However, now everything works the way I've desired. I've also started creating levels for the first episode and if my ardency (and ideas) last(s), the first episode might start being tested by the end of this month!

One crucial change is related to writing the story (diary) of the game. It's because this time it's not me who's writing the story! I put together only a simple story outline and its "literarization" should be done by the player you all know very well from the first places of the record tables - Gusta! We'll see how good he is at literary creating... The deadline for the text of the first episode to be created is set to June 30, 2016, so hopefully he will manage to write an interesting and appealing story that would introduce the story to the world of Quadrax Neverending. We'll see what he comes up with.

And as the last change I would like to present a new and "user-friendly" game function - the ability of automatic login after the game start. What does it mean? It means that after the game has been launched, your password will be automatically used, so you won't have to type it in every time you launch the game! How will it be possible to activate this novelty? Very easily. After the first creation of your password, you will again choose in the game menu the item Password and below the line "Currently logged on username is (your password)" you'll check by clicking with the mouse the checkbox "Load as default at the start of the game". Your choice will be confirmed with a dialog "This user account has been set as default!", and the game will automatically switch to the main menu. And that's it! ;-) Now always when Quadrax Neverending is launched, it will automatically log you in using that default account and you can start playing at once!

March 3, 2016

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